We listen. We research. 
We ask questions. 
We listen again. 
Our strategic approach builds
a solid foundation of collaboration and understanding.


Client: Bo Jackson / Perfect Game USA / Blue Ridge Sports & Entertainment <br />Project: Television Pilot - Bo Jackson 5 Tool Championship <br />Attendees: 500

We provide clarity on critical areas of every project and a cohesive production strategy is developed for every communication and event production tactic so that we meet all of your objectives.
We also consult on any of these individual strategic areas to provide additional support in tactical areas as each project may require.

Pre Production

THGi achieves clarity on critical areas so that a cohesive production strategy is developed for every communication and event production tactic.

Theme Development/Messaging

From discovery of strategic and event goals, themes and/or messaging strategies are developed so that all information presented is comprehensive, consistent, and will resonate with target audiences long after each event.

Client: Zogenix, Inc. <br />Project: New Product Launch <br />Attendees: 295

Project Management

Our team maintains a collaborative, high-energy, positive, and highly-effective environment at all times, on every project, keeping clients informed every step of the way and covering every detail.


Our team of creative producers, designers, and writers can design a complete graphics package to create an immersion experience for attendees.

Site Selection

We understand that selecting the appropriate site lets your audience know that you understand their needs, that you understand what motivates them, and that you care enough to go beyond general or breakout sessions to send a positive message that will resonate and create memories.

Client Project: Santarus National Sales Meeting <br />Project: General Session Game Show <br />Attendees: 275Budgeting

We have experience in establishing or working with budgets of all sizes and our process—from preliminary budget and estimates, to reporting and monitoring on a consistent basis—ensures that ample processes are in place that will allow for review and approval of budgets at all stages of each production.

Scheduling & Timetables

Schedules and timetables lead the communication and tracking processes and are developed and approved for every event, no matter the size, to ensure that we deliver on all pre-determined strategic objectives.